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Started in 2003, Hendersonville has been host to an annual fund raising event called Bearfootin’ Art Walk with a short break in 2008 and 2009 when the art were goats and apples respectively. The event is a great  example of bringing multiple organizations and individuals together to support local charities and causes. 

Each year artists receive the naked bears and transform them based on creative themes from the solar system to landscapes scenes and beyond. The bears then take up residency in downtown from May into the fall, usually October, when they are auctioned. Visitors and locals can meander down Main Street viewing the public art display while debating which are their favorites. Many of the past bears can be found inside and outside local businesses that display them proudly.

Based on the winning bid, at least half if not all the proceeds are donated to the nonprofit chosen by the sponsor. In 2021 the program had its best year yet raising over $100,000 for nonprofits. This year the Hendersonville Board of Realtors is sponsoring the A-“Flora”-ble Housing bear benefitting Hendersonville’s Housing Assistance Corporation.

Download this year’s brochure for more information at

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