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PEAK Home Selling System

“Our goal is to make home ownership easy from beginning to end by finding you the right home, within your timeframe, and favorably negotiated terms!

We walk, every step of the path… with you.”

Selling Consultation (in-person or vitual)

We take the time to understand your why? Why you are selling your home and what results you want to achieve. Then we leverage our PEAK Home Selling Experience to make it happen.

The initial consultation is to answer three questions:

  1. How can we help you?
  2. What is the selling process in NC?
  3. Do you want to work with us?

It’s all about trust. We want to answer any questions you have, coach you through the process, and work to get you the results you deserve.


Set Your Dates

When do you want to complete the sale? Your timing determines the schedule. For example, a relocation for work may require a quick sale so the timetable will be shorter. Generally speaking, the time to prepare your home for sale (7-14 days), plus the time on market (~30 days) and the time under contract-to-close (~45 days) is around 90 day from start to finish. Work backwards from your targeted moving date and remember to factor important dates like holidays, vacations, and school calendars.PEAK Prepare Dates

Set Your Price

Determining the correct price to sell your home is one of the most important decisions homeowners make when selling a home.

We work with you to determine the best possible price based on when you want to complete the sale and the latest, local real estate market data. Using our 4-point pricing model that incorporates what similar homes have recently sold for, are currently listed at, and where the market is headed. We love data and know how to use it.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what the finance site NerdWallet had to say about home pricing.

PEAK Prepare Pricing





Condition Equals Confidence

Knowing the condition of your house before listing gives buyers confidence in putting forth their best offer and comfort in not having surprises from the buyer’s inspection. It could also lead to fewer and faster negotiations and time required for closing. According to a survey of nearly 1,000 buyers by, 46% of home buyers used the inspection report to negotiate a lower price.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the issues beforehand? Ask us how our PEAK Home Selling System can uncover and solve condition issues prior before the buyer uses it as leverage in negotiations.

PEAK Enhance Inspection

Set the Stage

You only get one chance to make a first impression as the saying goes. The same is true for buyers looking to buy your house! While decluttering (minimizing the amount and appearance of items to create a more spacious feel) and de-personalizing (removing personal objects, photos, along with ones that buyers may consider offensive) are key, home staging takes it many steps further.

Home staging can make a home appear updated and modern through the use of furniture and accessories and how they are placed in the space. Surveys have shown that home staging leads to better first impressions, faster time to sell, and possibly for a higher price. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found that 82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home. Other studies have shown a staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home.

Ask us how our PEAK Home Selling System can get your home looking model ready!

PEAK Enhance Staging


 A Picture is…

A picture may be worth a 1,000 words but it is critical for marketing your home. Homes with professional photography greatly increase the chances of buyers viewing your house. The more buyers that view your house the higher the likelihood of offers.

Ask us how our PEAK Home Selling System makes your home photogenic!

PEAK Enhance Photos

Find the Right Buyers

Our PEAK marketing is focused on where buyers find homes: online, other real estate agents, and signage. Today’s marketing is part creative and part technology. We create a story of why buyers want to live in your home and use technology to reach the most qualified buyers possible — thousands with data to back it up.


  • Targeted marketing based on relocation patterns
  • Distributed to over 700 websites, including Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Custom website address
  • Custom landing page
  • Paid online marketing
  • Paid print marketing

PEAK Enhance Find Buyers 




At this stage in the PEAK Selling System, we successfully negotiate using techniques adapted from Chris Voss, a former professional negotiator. We approach negotiations as an objective and problem-solving third-party. Our goals are to:

  • Guide you to a successful “win-win” closing.
  • Realize the best possible price while minimizing buyer repair requests through pre-inspection and negotiations.
  • Meet or exceed your target closing date.

PEAK Keep Negotiate

Keep the Transaction on Track and on Time

Our PEAK System is built on proven and repeatable processes, keeping all parties involved and informed to stay on track and on time.

  • Convenient, electronic, and automated scheduling of buyer showings based on your preferred schedule.
  • Automatic notifications of major transaction milestones.
  • Reminders of upcoming tasks, e.g., scheduling movers.

We work as your concierge service to coordinate: attorneys, buyer’s agent, and any trade professionals. We make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on what matters. As our client said, “Their attention to detail and total understanding of us was what made this hard process almost easy.”

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you, as a real estate agent in NC, represent me as the seller?
    • We act as your coach through the process looking out for your best interests. Download this brochure to learn more.
  • Why should we hire you over other real estate agents?
    • Our PEAK Home Selling System is continuously updated to make home selling easy and stress-free while delivering the best possible financial results for you. We let our performance and clients be the proof points for hiring us. See what our clients have to say in their own words.
  • What do you charge to sell my house?
    • Our level of service to you is not negotiable (always 100% full-service), but our rates are negotiable.
  • I don’t want to make any repairs or improvements to sell. Can you still help?
    • Yes! There are several options to still maximize your returns, including our partners that can perform necessary repairs without any upfront costs.
  • I would like to sell my house but unsure where I would move?
    • Based on your timing and unique situation, we can find you the best options. Sometimes it is just a matter of coordinating the selling of your house and purchase of your new home. Some situations require short or long-term rentals where we can leverage our area resources.
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