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Savvy sellers know that the best way to sell their home quickly is to make it look like move-in ready. Most people cannot see past what is in front of them and lack the creativity to imagine what a room and a home could be, instead just focusing on what it is now. Every buyer has different wishes and motivations and the color of one room could turn them away, even though a $50 gallon of paint could solve the problem.

To get top dollar, sellers must arrange furnishings in the most optimal way for the room, define the purpose of the room, and ensure it is clean and well-lit. You can hire professionals to do this for you, or you can DIY. Below are the top reasons to prepare your home before listing:

  1. Defines the purpose of the room
    Can buyers quickly understand what the room is used for or how they might use the room, particularly for odd connecting spaces or ones that have multiple uses? An extra room could be presented as a library, office, playroom, and more. What will appeal to buyers most likely to view your home?
  2. Makes the room appear larger
    Get rid of oversized furniture! It makes adequately sized rooms feel cramped. Also, pay attention to the position of it within each room to make sure it does not block traffic flows between rooms.
  3. Gives perception that the home is well-maintained
    Homes that are clean and well-organized reassure the buyer that the rest of the property has equally been maintained.
  4. Can make more money
    Studies have shown that homes that are staged can sell for more. According to a 2017 National Association of Realtor (NAR) study, 50% of sellers’ agents reported an increase up to 10% in value offered by buyers.
  5. Can decrease home’s time on the market
    Homes that look nice and are priced right do not sit on the market as long as ones that are not.
  6. Buyers’ can better visualize property as their home.
    Leave nothing to the imagination, instead paint a picture for the buyer that this is their new home and fits all their needs.
  7. Better photos for your listing and marketing
    Since most of the marketing now occurs online, its important for the pictures to be professional-grade. Photographers are not magicians, so a staged home helps them get the perfect shot.
  8. Lessens home flaws
    Placement of artwork and other furnishings can help draw buyer’s eyes toward the best parts of the home.
  9. Buyers’ perceive the house as turn-key.
    A lot of buyers are looking for move-in ready condition or better. This allows buyers to think about how they will live in the house instead of what items they will need to fix or replace.
  10. Impressing the buyer’s agent can get you more showings.
    Real estate agents representing buyers know homes that show well are sold faster and usually for a higher amount which is important since they work on commissions only.


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