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Hooking up Utilities

Unless your goal is to live “off-the-grid”, your new home will need to be setup with local utility providers. Some providers are for profit companies and some may be services offered by the town.

Rates for utilities can vary greatly in the same area, particularly for electricity, so ask questions before buying to minimize later surprises. In more rural areas, an electric cooperative may buy and resell power from another company with rates 30-50% higher! Check out the post for pros and cons of mountain living which can also limit utility and service options.

The Hendersonville, NC area is usually serviced by Duke Power for electricity. Natural gas, where available, can be hooked up by PSNC Energy (Now Dominion Energy) and Piedmont Natural Gas.

In either case, it is important to have these services active and in your name on the date of closing, so schedule ahead! Remember, there you will normally have a couple of services to connect.

  • What is the source for water?
    Water can be provided by a for-profit company or your local municipality. Ask your real estate agent or search your town/city/county website to find the details.
  • What utility company provides electricity?
    Find the one source for electricity unless you are installing a solar grid that can power you up.
  • What is the source for heating, if not an electric heat pump?
    There is usually competition for the various gas heating options: oil, propane, natural gas. Call around or visit their websites to find competitive rates.


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